Turnstile HHDT3/HHDT4

Turnstile used for pedestrian access control.


Fast and safe
The turnstiles are designed for continuous operation and can be successfully used in areas with High frequency passages. Suitable areas: factories, commercial buildings, harbours etc.
The turnstile has a rotating spindle with 3 (120 degree) or 4 arms (90 degree), depending on requested security level.

Mode of operation
The two-way mechanism enables traffic control in both directions or in a selected direction.
The LED pictograms (red cross/green arrow), easily visible and situated on the cabinet indicate the status of the turnstile (locked/unlocked). The red cross indicates passage closure, the green arrow indicates passage opening. The turnstile mechanism allows smooth entrance/exit and is equipped with a mechanical, as well as a magnetic lock for optimal security. The spindle is motorised, ensuring smooth entrance/exit for the user.


  • Turnstile mechanism is made of high quality steel and equipped with high quality bearings.
    Brake/locking system has a very short response time (from 0.03 to 0.12s).
    In the event of a power failure, the mechanism will be automatically unlocked to allow safe exit from the building and will prevent entry.
  • The control (H104) has a wide range of options allowing various individual requirements
  • Easy access for service and maintenance in the cabinet
  • Illumination of passage as standard (controlled by a light sensor)
  • Pictogram (red/green) as standard on both sides of the cabinet
  • Prepared for external card reader
  • Stainless steel spindle and cabinet as standard
  • Cage in HDG as standard
  • 15-20 passages/min and spindel

Technical desription

Total height
2530 mm
Other dimensions: on request.

Power supply voltage
230V AC, 50 Hz

Power consumption
Max 120 W


Feedback signal
Potential free contact – no/nc

Opening signal
Signal (max. 1 sec)

Operation environment
-25o to +50o C

HHDT3 450 kg, HHDT4 460 kg

Relative humidity
Environmental 10-80%

IP protection rating

Stainless steel, 1.5 mm

Cage Profiles
100x50x3 mm, 60x60x2 mm, 60x30x2 mm and 25x25x1.5 mm

Spindle core tube
90×3 mm

Spindle arms
38×2 mm


  • Overclimbing protection
  • Fencing connection on post
  • Roof in polycarbonate
  • Powder coated cage in RAL colors.